The Main Story Line For DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Is That A Lone Youtuber Named DigitalPh33rson And His Dream Memory Friend StarwolfNotMugen Were Enjoying A Hamburger & Coke Cola At 3:30. After The Intental Accident, StarwolfNotMugen Spat Soda On Derrick's (DigitalPh33rson's Shirt) And A Acopalyse Began. The Nazis, The Court 14 Guard Captains, The 2 Gods Of Phazon, The Entire Zombie Army, The Deadly Alliance Group, And Others Went To Join Forces For StarwolfNotMugen. Before That, StarwolfNotMugen Began His Machinima Journey As Toph Bei Fong, After Being Sgt. Edeliyon, He Has A Wonderwaffe, Now Modified Into A Mega Space Transmitter, A Transmitter To Send Messages to Other Evil Organizations, Espada, Nazis, Microsoft Shingen, Etc. After The Transmitter Was Built, Toph Bei Fong (StarwolfNotMugens Former Gigai, *A Disguised Body*) Was Long Deceased, Appeared As A Fear In The Halloween Special (The Spook Adventure). Also, After Toph Being Deceased, StarwolfNotMugen Made Yet Another Gigai, His Name Was Now Fawful, Who Had The Identical Voice to The Main Character, DigitalPh33rson In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures (Microsoft Mike). Fawful Then Became A Part Of Hitler As Well Being A Co-Seated Officer To Hitler, Binyah, Vladimir Makarov, Riley "Walter" Richtofen, And Phazon Pete Who Was A Former Roman Princess Commander. The Main Storyline For The Video Game Zombies Series Remains The Same, But With A Touch Of Zombies. First, Toad From Nintendo, Was Driving A Limo Carrying The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Gang With Them. After A Intentful Night, Cartman Flew Right Through The Winshield, Causing A Tragic Accident For The Gang. A Funeral Was Held For Cartman, He Was Then Ressurected As A Zombie. Jeff Hogan Was Broadcasting 2 News Shows For Both The World War III Special And The First Episode Of Video Game Zombies. He Then Died At A Helicopter Crash Shot By The USA Army And NATO Forces. His Long Body Rotted Into A Ashy Mess. Then, His Former Assistant, Darius (Roxas) & Makomo, Took Over His Place After Being Shot By Ryan Miller's Shotgun. Edward Richtofen Fought About 3,000 Random Zombies With His German Krieg Rifle, Which Had A Evassive Impact After Being Shooting Zombies For A Night. In The Future Series, The Galactic Union And The Court 14 Squads Are Debating After A Zombie Crisis Was Messing Up The Entire City, Millions Of People Died. DigitalPh33rson Gets Ressurected As Jack (Raiden), Fought The Deadly Alliance, Was Defeated In Battle, (He Has White Blood Instead Of Warm Juicy Red.) Then, After The Deadly Alliance War, DigitalPh33rson Was Snake Once Again, But He Was Old And Was About In His 80's Or 90's. This Storyline Was From Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots. After A Drink So Brisk Made By The South Park Gang And The Galactic Union Army, The Drink Stablized The Ability For DigitalPh33rson To Live.