Welcome To DigitalPh33rsons Wiki!!

Welcome to DigitalPh33rsons Wiki

All About The Complete History of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures That a few people can edit.

This Place Is For Friendly People Only, Evil-Doers Or Suited Minor People Are Not Allowed, And I Highly Respect That Rule As If I Own It Like A Brother Of Mine. You Can Enjoy This Wiki If Your The First New One If You Don't Know About This "Series."

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This Wiki is about DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, The Complete History of His Series, And Much More. This Wiki is all about the Famed Speakonia Machinima itself, DigitalPh33rsons Adventures!!

Main Series: DigitalPh33rsons Adventures/Video Game Zombies/Video Game Black Ops Page. To Learn Other Locations In The Machinima Universe, Please Visit The World Map Article Page To Learn Some Of The Valuable Information That's In The Main Series. (this does not count for video game locations: Dissidia SSB, Deadly Alliance,Deception,Armaggedon, Future Warfare, Or Any Other Future Realeases That Can't Be Arsed To Name.)

We Currently Reached The Mega Wikia Rank, And Thus We Continue To Expand, However There Were Minor Flaws And Fake Rumors As A Result, They Could Be Really Helpful, Or Really Dangerous, And Will Be Concealed To a Punishement On Youtube, Or Blockage. Therefore, Our Punishments Are Valuable.

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