Mai Is One Of The Oldest Villians In The Pokemon Machinima Ever Designed. She Was Discovered The Same Way As Azula, But With A Better Appearance, By When We Mean Oldest, We Don't Mean That Mai's Old. She Actually 32 Years Old. With Tag Team Partner Azula, She's Been A Bit Formidible. When After A Pokemon Battle Against Her, She's Always Turning Your Back On You. But In Her Mind, She's Usually Quiet, Shy, And Kind. Mai Usually Appears In The Final Area Of The Pokemon Machinima, The White House Of Ghetsis. She Doesn't Appear Under Normal Conditions, She Appears In New Game Plus (+). Where She Rules The White House Instead Of Azula.

Her Team, While Battling In The White House:

Bisharp: LV. 50, Moves To Look Out For: Focus Blast

Scolipede: LV. 52, Moves To Look Out For: Sludge Burst, Pollution.

Eelektross: LV. 54, Moves To Look Out For: Lightning Cut

Escavalier: LV. 46, Moves To Look Out For: Artery Break.

Gigalith: LV. 43, Moves To Look Out For: Stone Edge. Ability: Sturdy.

Klinklang: LV. 55 (MOST STRONGEST), Moves To Look Out For: N/A.

Her Team, While Battling Somewhere Else, W/O (Without) New Game (+). And With Mai Set To "Kind"

Seismitoad: LV. 68, Moves To Look Out For: Surf

Scolipede: LV. 73, Moves To Look Out For: Cross Poison.

Eelektross: LV. 76, Moves To Look Out For: Thunder.

Groudon: LV. ??, Moves To Look Out For: ???????

Chandelure: LV. 71, Moves To Look Out For: Will-O-Whisp

Mienshao: LV. 66, Moves To Look Out For: Low Kick, Blood Jab.

Her Team Without The New Game Plus Is Not Only Challenging, But Incredibly Tough Too. Mai Is A Lot More Stronger Than Being Good. But The New Game Plus Version Of Her, She's Still Evil With That Smirk On That Face Of Her's. Plus She Will Say Nothing That Goodbye Instead Of Saying Something Else. But The Pokemon Trainer Needs To Forget His Troubles Of Fighting This Trainer.

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