Machinima News Now Is A Show Featuring Jeff Hogan (Main Reporter), Darius (Roxas), And Makomo, Who Is Currently Abducted By The Enemy. This Show Was Featured In Video Game Zombies Episode 1 And The World War III Special Part 2. Which Is Also Linked To DigitalPh33rsons Trilogy Episode 2. For Many Machinima Citizen Out There, About 47 Bajillion Percent Watch This News Show Than Rather Minor Minus Of Citizens About Three Thousand Don't Watch It Because They Don't Get What They're Saying.

In The Zombie Beta And Alpha Scene, Jeff Hogan Is Forever Gone And Forever Dead. And Ryan Miller Was Dispatched To The Scene. To Make Things Worse, At The End Of Video Game Zombies Season 1, Jeff Hogan Appears In Episode 9 As A Cameo To Tell That Who Actually Killed Him From The Start, He Only Murmured 2 Words, "Ryan" And Then "Miller" It Was A Clue That They Knew That He Actually Killed Him. After A Few Casualities Were Corrupted, The Zombies Signaled The Zombie Police To Kill Ryan Miller And Make Him A Part Of The Zombie Group.

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