The Machinima Headquarters In Seattle Washington Is Control Of The Machinima Master DigitalPh33rson Himself, He Is In Control Of This Building, And During The Introduction Season Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, The Machinima Headquarters Is A Huge Building, With The Majority Of 67,000 Rooms In Counting, Including A Library, A Lot Of Bedrooms, And A Movie Theater. It Also Has About 500 Elevators Installed Into It, For Some People Like Stephen Hawking, He Would Have To Use The Elevator. The Machinima Infirmary Is Also Inside This Building, It Has Some Security Panels Added Too.

Incase Of Any Intruders, Or Any Neccessary Disasters, DigitalPh33rson Will Inform Everyone And Escort Them To A Secure Location. The Machinima Headquarters Is Immune To Tornadoes And Typhoons, It's Made Of Super Flexible Steel And Is The Largest Skyscraper Ever, And, On The 2nd Half, The Machinima Headquarters Employees Overthrew Pete Morley, The Former Chief, Was Later Joined To The Darkside, And This Building Was Tracked Down By Hitler, As Well As Mashiro Mito. Hitler Also Planned An Attack Here To Make His Nazi Troops Move To Seattle. And On Third Thought, This HQ Is Close To McDonald's, Burger King, Panera Bread, IHOP, Waffle House, And Morrigan Corperation Building, Which Sells The Finest In Advanced Prouducts.

The Machinima Headquarters Also Has It's Own Personal Docks For Traveling Overseas, The Notorius Mobile Machinima Headquarters That Has An Infirmary, But Not Much Bedrooms, Unlike The Real Machinima Headquarters, There's Also A Underwater Machinima Headquarters For DigitalPh33rson To Do His Underwater Research With His Friends, And Avoided Much Of The Enemy Forces, In The Future Warefare Series, The Machinima Headquarters Was Put In This Game For Display, And Can Be Bought For 2,500,00$ Warfare Credits After Doing About 85 Missions. The Machinima Headquarters Is The Recommended Safe House For Beginner Players. And Is The Aspect For Those Who Are New To This.

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