The Machinima Airlines Flight 9000 Was A Late Model Of The Machinima Airlines Flight 1337, Was Later Crashed Into CandyCao7's House. The Machinima Airlines Flight 9000 Was The Smoothest Flying Machine Than The 1337, It Traveled

Into 5 Countries Safely, But Until A Portal Appeared In The Sky, The Machinima Airlines Flight 9000 Started To Fly Into The Rectangle Shaped Portal, It Was Unreasonable Why That Appeared. The Machinima Airlines 9000 Then Lost Signal With The Airport, The Pilot Had A Special Request To Himself To Land The Plane.

Little Has Known About This Plane, And StarwolfNotMugen Hasn't Been Studying Lately. The Machinima Airlines Flight 9000 Actually Almost Crashed Into The Soul Society 14 Fortress, But It Safely Landed Into A Sandlot And No One Has Heard Of The Story Ever Since. But The Court 14 Guard Captains Kept A Very Powerful Record That Shocked The Society's Citizens And Leaving It Super Secret Classified.

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