Machinima Airlines Flight 1337 Is One Of The 200 Planes In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Universe, It Is A Very Complex Plane With A Exception Of Holding 2,500,000 Citizens And Has About 3 Flight Classes. Lower Class, Middle Class, And High Class (Luxury). It Runs Through Seattle Through A Terminal And When Passengers Pick Their Destination, They Have To Approve It From The Flightmaster's Request.

Unfortunetley, There Was A Time That The Machinima Airlines Flight 1337 Plane Blew Up And Killed About 2,498,000 Citizens And Injured 2,000 Citizens As Well. The Machinima Airlines Flight Also Had A Bomb In Its Luggage Bay And Did Threaten To Blow Up, But Haku Yowane Got To The Luggage Bay And The Bomb In The Luggage Bay Disappeared, The Plane Crash However, Is Currently Under Investigation

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