MP-40 WaW

The MP40, As Seen In A Illustration

The MP40 Machine Gun Only Wielded By Nazis And Derrick Sanderson Being To Name A Few, This Weapon Has A Rapid Fire Rate Of 80.0 And With That Said And Done, This Weapon Was Also Given To Phazon Pete, With The Exception Of Being In Adolph Hitler's Army In The Nazi Reich Arc Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures. Hitler Lost To DigitalPh33rson And His Friends. And That Said And Done, He Was Moving To Seattle In The Thanksgiving Special.

This Weapon Is Highly Among Hitler's Armory Because Of Several Reasons, This Weapon Is Ranked #1 In The Machinima Weapons Poll In 2008. And In 2011, It's Still Being Ranked #1 In The Nation. And Yes This Weapon Is Extremely Rare.

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