The MACV-SOG Emblem, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops, DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, And Video Game Zombies.

This Group

Is A Deadly, And Unfairy Wafare Task Force According To Their Official Website, However. This Group Provided More Than 600,000 Missions In Vietnam.

In The Machinima, It Is Certain That The Court 14 Guard Squads Are Against This Group And Are Equally Rivaled To Each Other. This Debate And Arguement However, Started A Bad Controversy. DigitalPh33rson And His Gang Betrayed The 14 Guard Squads And Decided To Make A Difference And Started To Join This Group, Where They Will Get Revenge On The Throwback Fugitives, Tank Dempsey, Nikolai And Renji. With The MACV-SOG's Help, They Are Able To Help DigitalPh33rson With Future Machinima Series Of His Own, And With Assistance With The Black Ops Army.

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