The M240, As Seen In An Illistration

The M240 Is A Machine Gun From The Award Winning Game Modern Warfare 2 And Black Ops. This Machine Is Usually In Top Condition, It's Ammo Capacity is 400, 200, And 900. Followed By Many Other Attachments, Apart From A Heartbeat Sensor, And A Scope. The User Can Also Add A Ammo Extension As A Additional Bonus. Apart From Building This Beast, It Compatible With Semi-Automatic, And Rapid Fire. In Case You Havent Forgotten. The M240 Machine Is A Deadly Weapon In Many Games, Such As Sentai Filmworks's Vocaloid Fortress 2, The 2nd Award Winning Game, The Grey Hair Woman Named Haku Yowane Starts Out With This Weapon And Usually Starts Out With 200 Units Of Ammo, However, In Vocaloid Fortress 2, The M240 Chews Up 70% Faster Than Any Other Classes Weapon, Making The Haku Class More Difficult For The Easy Missions, You're Pretty Much Stuck With The Pistol For The Remainder Of The Match. So, Save The Haku Yowane Class For The Most Difficult Missions.

In Conclusion, The M240 Is Used By Other War Veterans Like Vladimir Makarov, Butch, Cassady, Maia, Captain Mactavish, And Captain Price. As Well As The Main Character In The MW2 Game, Gary "Roach" Sanderson.

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