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The M202 FLASH, As Seen In A Illustration

The M202 Flash is A Weapon Of Powerful Intent Not Only To Destroy And Obliverate Any Enemy, But To Incapacitate Their Remains. The Remains Are Finnaly Dissappeared Into The Background As Fairy Dust. Ususally When This Weapon Is Put Into Play, People Ususally Call This "The Flash" Named After The Famous DC Comics Character.

The Millitary, DigitalPh333rson, And The Rest Of The Machinima's Millitary Factions, Are Capable Of Using This Powerful Weapon. The M202 Flash Rocket Launcher Is A Mighty Weapon Of The Mysterious Kind. As For The Most People Are Unaware Of It. The Weapon Has Been Held In Secret By The Anti Fetishism Force. A Powerful Group Of Fetish Stoppers.

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