Lyoto Machida, As Seen In A Wallpaper

Lyoto Carvalho Machida (born May 30, 1978), Is A Japanese Brazilian Mixed Martial Artist From Salvador Brazil, Who Fights As A Light Heavyweight And Is Currently Ranked As The 2nd Light Heavyweight Fighter, And Is The #9 pound-for-pound fighter by Sherdog. In The Machinima Series, DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, He Will Be Facing The Fearful Tomboy, Knuckle Sister "Alverton" Scoff. And It Is Written & Assigned In Machida's Machinima Records In A Top Secret Record Vault In North Carolina. And Lyoto Machida Will be Fighting Quinton Ramone Jackson In November.

Lyoto Has A LFC Side Named Subaru Lindinburgh, Who Is A Chinese Nationalty Instead Of Being Japanese. She And Lyoto Are Very Much Alike, She Is Currently Ranked 1st Place With 330 Wins And 258 Losses. Both Subaru Are Also Much Indentical, But Subaru Has Longer Hair Than Lyoto.

Lyoto's Nickname: "The Dragon"

As A Boss BattleEdit

Lyoto Machida Fights Scoff, Despite His Attack Speed, You May Have To Counterattack A Couple Of Times Before Defeating Him Or Tapping Him Out. Your Main Advantage Is To Use Your Knuckle Sister Fighting Style And Go Up To Him And Use Orgre Punches To Stun Him Or Bleed Him, Bleeding Him Will Give You Full Control, You Can Finish Him Fast And Win The Match And Retain Your Belt!!

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