Lyle Smithsonian

Lyle Smithsonian, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops

Lyle Smithsonian Is A Slow-Down Intended Kind Of Person, Though He Serves The Galactic Federation Imperial Nexus Army, Along With Anthony Higgs, Samus Aran,

James Pierce And Adam Malkovich. Lyle Said His Promise With Derrick To Go With Him At The Mezari Mountain Fortress, Unfortunetely, He Got What Was Coming. He And Derrick Were Engaged With The 3 Killer Assassins, Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, And Crying Wolf.

When Him And Derrick Infiltrated The Fortress, He And Derrick Found No Signs Of Samus, The Only Person That Can Only Find Out Was Rundas. Lyle Smithsonian Was Only A Person That Only Had Conversations Private With His Friends. He Liked It So Nobody Can Get In His Way. He Hunts Multiple Heartlessess With His 70MMX Rifle. And He Likes It. Lyle Smithsonian Is Very Frustrated Being With Crush Of His Life Lilith Aensland, Though He Can't Get Her Off His Back. Lyle Is A Complex With Everbody. And Always Patronizing Against Other Citizens.

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