Leon S.Kennedy Resident Evil 4

Leon Kennedy, as seen in Video Game Zombies, DigitalPh33rson Adventures, And Video Game Black Ops

Leon Kennedy Is One The Main Heroes In Resident Evil 2 And 4, Comparing From Both Versions, Leon Fell In Love With A Girl Named Ada, Following From Relation To Claire, Sherry, And Ada. To All Of Them, Leon Likes Ada The Most. Comparing From The Resident Evil 4 Game, Leon's Love, And Reputation Started To Change. Though, He Hasn't Been Fighting With Jack Krauser Recently. And Those Often Things, Leon Has Been Teaming With Claire In Resident Evil Code Veronica And Code Veronica X.

In Resident Evil The Darkside Chronicles, Claire And Leon Are Re-United, Only To Face Double Trouble, Jack Krauser, And Ada Wong. Leon Has To Team Up With Claire And Fight For The Battle Of Their Lives.

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