Laughing Octopus Is The Recruiting Character Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures And Other Machinima Series, She Was Rumored By DigitalPh33rson, Then After StarwolfNotMugen And DigitalPh33rson Started On PSN, They Started To Share Their Own Games. In The Later Episodes, Laughing Octopus Was Later Disguised As The Team Fortress 2 Pyro, To Avoid Being Caught By The Machinima Surveilence Systems To Humilate Her Style And Looks.

Laughing Octopus Then Became Part Of Machinima Group Forcing Her To Join DigitalPh33rson, Azelf, Sylux, Naoto, Samus, And Trace. She Was A Villian, But She Didn't Want To Destroy The World Along With The Other Villians And The Others Living In Machinima Hell.

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