After DigitalPh33rson's Excellence Of Defeating 650,000 Monsters In The Land Of Machinima, He Has Realized That The Monster Population Has NOT Been Dwindiling Much. WHY? Because A Ritual God Named Kurt Zisa Is Reproducing The Monster Population Into It's Peak. Russian Embassodor Lt. Dragovich Said That The Black Ops Could Not Handle The God Named Kurt Zisa, Therefore DigitalPh33rson Has To Rid The Curse Of The Monster Controversy, And Defeat Kurt Zisa. Therefore Kurt Zisa Is The Toughest Of All. He Would Try To Risk His Own Life.

Target Name: Kurt Zisa

HP: 8700

ATK: 5300

DEF: 6000

Spiritual Energy: N/A


1. God's Punch

2. God's Hellfire

3. Judgement Hammer

4. Oblivion Curse

Notes: Attacker Is Capable Of High Strength And Power Levels. Has A Mass Attack And HP Levels.

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