Krav Maga Is A Fighting Style Developed In Israel That Involves Wrestling, Grappling, And Striking Techniques, Mostly Known For Its Extremely Efficient And Brutal Counter-Attacks, As It is also taught to elite special forces around the world. Krav Maga Is Also A Eclectic Hand To Hand Combat System That Is Known For Popular People In The Machinima Community, It's Also Used For Full Ranges And Anywhere To Fight Near The Target. Krav Maga Is For Many Galactic Federation Bounty Hunters Like Ryan Miller, Samus Aran, Anthony Higgs, And Qasim Masoum. Krav Maga Is Used For Smash Brothers Games, The Latest: Dissidia, Brawl, 64, And Super Smash Bros Flash Which Is A Real Flash Game Inspired By The Game. Krav Maga Is Also Learned By The Main Characters: Derrick Sanderson, Phazon Pete, Fire Torpedo, And Cloud (Final Fantasy VII).