The Kostroma War Spaceship From The Galactic Union Is One Of Their Superweapons That They Developed During The Years Of 20XX And 30XXX. The Kostroma Has About 1,000,000 As A Capacity For It's Crew, And Their Weapons Are Far Among Superior, Fujo Malkovich Did Not Decide It's Secret And Does Not Bother To Spill It Out. Fujo's Troops Have They Only Access To The Secret Itself.

The Kostroma's Secret Is That They Have About 700 Galactic Union Space Fighters Coming Out Of It's Hanger Bay. The Kostroma Is A Major Defending Point For The Galactic Union, This Thing Is Also The True Final Boss Of Future Warfare 4's Video Game Zombie Mode, Zekrom Was The 1st Final Boss, And They Have 2 Final Bosses In The Future Warfare Game, They Did Know That The Kostroma Is The The Biggest Final Boss Compared To Zekrom.

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