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Knuckles,He's One Of Sonic's Friend's,He's Also A Professional Boxer.

Knuckles The Echidna Is A Sonic Character Who's Homeworld Is Angel Island, A Place Where It Was A Main Target For Dr. Eggman's Experiment In The 1990's Sega Genesis Game Series, "Sonic The Hedgehog 3" He Also Appeared In Another Genesis Game Called Sonic & Knuckles. Knuckles Is A Red Echidna Who Was Laid Back, And Had A Sister Named Scoff, Knuckles's Mother Was Knuckle Sister Keldon, Before Scoff Was Born. It Was Said That Knuckles Loved Both Keldon & Scoff And The Other Past Knuckle Sisters Who Took Their Before Scoff And Keldon.

Knuckles Had A Variety Of History Way Before Scoff Was Born, The Death Egg, Robotnik, And His Past Arch-Nemesis, Sonic The Hedgehog And Tails. In Sonic Heroes, He Joined Both Sonic And Tails To Defeat Eggman. He Was Later Captured By Scriptmaster Mashiro Mito And Lacked Intelligence Of Scoff's Whereabouts, Because Scoff was Trapped In Yoob's Belly. Knuckles Then Served Time In The Scriptmaster Detention Cell For All Eternity.

As A Rumor: Knuckles Thanked God For Scoff Escaping Yoob With Hisana And Knuckles Was Proud, Meanwhile, Knuckles Set Up A Decoy Of Himself To Put A Fake Knuckles To Serve Time For A Inanimate Object Instead Of Himself Being Their, He Helped About 850,000 Other Civilians To Escape The Scripmaster Detention And Helped Them Escape, In The End, They Succeeded As A Chance. They Helped Knuckles Escape As Well. And Knuckles Was Proud Of Seeing Scoff Again. After A Few Days Of Celebration, Scoff Then Gone To Her 149th UFC Event In The Hopes Of Winning A 5th Match, After Scoff Losing To Baraggon, She Went To The Hospital In Rome To Recover, Sui Feng Then Received A Super Expensive Medical Bill That Costed Millions And Millions Of Dollars To Pay. Knuckles Started To Cry As A Result, And He Would Never See Scoff In A Fine Condition Or Won't See Her At All. Knuckles Tried To Get Advice By The Captains, But They Were Unable To Provide Him Any Info On How To Do It. Knuckles Then Had Nowhere To Go, He Had Little Money And Would Try Go Back To Machinima HQ And Live A Normal Life Without Scoff.