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Knuckle Sister Scoff, As Seen In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures

Knuckle Sister Scoff Is A Romantic, Sexy, And Sometimes Rude Character In the DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Universe Scoff Is Not Much Of A Tomboy, In Fact, She Scared Of Everything, Including Spiders. Scoff Has A Brother Name Knuckles, Was Then Captured By Mashiro Mito To Hold Him Captive. Scoff Has A Straight Edge Form Named Beat. Not Much Is Known Of Beat, But It's Rumored As That Beat Can Kick And Do Muay Thai Style Fighting Moves. Knuckle Sister Scoff's Normal Form Is At Her Weakest And Trains Harder In The Darkness Of A Closet In The Machinima Headquarters. She First Appeared In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Birthday Special, Where She Used A "Beat Up" Joke On The Main Character.

She Then Later Appeared In The Halloween Special & The 9/11 Special, The Only Special That Scoff Didn't Appear In Is DigitalPh33sons Adventures World War III Special. And Later On In The Series, Raiden's Minions, The Radies, Made Yoob The Monster Huge. Scoff Was Exploring For Treasure That Time, And Then She Was Swallowed From Yoob. She Then Explored Yoob's Belly With Hisana Kuchiki, It Was Rumored The Hisana Chose Scoff As The Last Knuckle Sister Before The Other Knuckle Sisters Died. They Were Experted And Highly Trained Fighters. Scoff Later Died From A Zombie Scarab From Cardiac Arrest. Then Beat Took Scoff Dead Soul And Then Later Ressurected It With Pocky Oil And A Little Help From The Deadly Alliance And That Caused Her Memory To Be Completely Erased And Couldn't Remember A Thing.

Other Languages:

Japanese: (ばかにする) "Baka ni suru" Full Name: (ナックルシスターはばか) "Nakkurushisutā wa baka"

Russian: (Рулька Сестра издеваться) "Rulʹka Sestra izdevatʹsya"

Portugese: Irmã Knuckle Scoff

Greek: "Αρθρώσεων αδελφή μάσα" (Arthró̱seo̱n adelfí̱ mása)