This Enemy Is A Highly Anticipated Spellcasting Heartless Flyer With A High Spiritual Trait, It Is A High-Class Monster With A Wide Arsenal Of Spells, Some Of Them Have Only 4. This Monster, Is Against 14 Court Guard Squad Territory And Is Consisted And Told By 12th Division Captain, Mayuri. This Monster Is Strong, But Lacks A High Threat.

Target Name: Kido Wyvern (Kidon Flyverias *Scientific Name*)

HP: 1082 (Khe Snah), 950 (Forest Of Menos), 2260 (Liberty League Stadium: Expert Class), HP Varies.

ATK: 1500

DEF: 3602 (Due To Strengths In Magic)

Spiritual Energy: 4502.5 (150,000,200%)


1. Pale Fire Crash (Burns & Damages)

2. Roaring Thunder Cannon (Damages)

3. "PALK" Lavender Arrow (Shocks You)

4. Six Bars Of Light (Stuns)

Notes: Enemy Is Highly Contaminated Of Pure Magical Powers, Has High Defense And Spiritual Energy Levels, Have A High Impact Weapon Capable Of Killing This Enemy Easy.

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