Kenpō (拳法?) is the name of several martial arts. The word kenpō is a Japanese translation of the Chinese word "quánfǎ. This term is often informally transliterated as "kempo", as a result of applying Traditional Hepburn romanization,[1] but failing to use a macron to indicate the long vowel. The generic nature of the term combined with its widespread, cross-cultural adoption in the martial arts community has led to many divergent definitions.

In The Machinima Industry, Sektor And Chuck Liddell Is The Only One That Can Learn Kenpo, But Anyone Else Is Not Compatible, Because Sektor Used This Style Against Scoff During Their Match, He Mostly Used Muay Thai, But Worse From The Style. Jaroda, Is Also The One That Can Learn Kenpo, Apart From The Fight Script, Morrigan Vs. Jaroda.

Kenpo Is Used In Several Television Sports: Flying Dragon, UFC, And The Fight Show, Mostly, The Kenpo Style Is More Of Stealth And Less Of Aggression.

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