The KS-23, As Seen In A Illustration

The KS-23 Is A Russian Shotgun Used In The Russian Millitary, However, It Is A Powerful And More Lethal Than Any Shotgun Found In A Rivaled Valve Game: (e.g.: Maria Holic, Vocaloid Fortress 2.) This Weapon Becomes Available In Video Game Black Ops 1 And 2. In The First Part Of Video Game Black Ops, You Can Obtain This Weapon On A Fallen Guard In The Mezari Mountain Fortress, And A Few Occasional Locations

This Weapon Is Ranked #2 In The Machinima's Best Weapons Poll. Being The Most Popular And More Lethal. Only Found In Video Game Zombies And Video Game Blcak Ops 1 and 2. It's Probably The Most Marvelous Weapon To Be Wielded By Enemy Guards And The Main Hero Derrick Sanderson Himself. You Can Probably Find This Weapon In Armories In Houses In Video Game Black Ops Part 2. With A Couple Of It Being Very Uncommon, It's Not To Late To Obtain This Weapon. It's A Little Powerful. It Wields Regular Rounds, Jolt's Thunder Rounds (Electric), Dragon's Breath Rounds (Fire), And Yuki's Freeze Rounds (Ice).

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