KG Misawa

K.G. Misawa, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops

KG Misawa Is A Light-Eyed Person With A Perfect Personality, His G.F. (Galactic Federation) Equipment Protects Him From Dirty Motives. He's Got The Best Luxury Girls Unlike Anthony Higgs, Lyle Smithsonian, And James Pierce. In Fact, KG Also Protects Samus From The Fetish Condition Alongside With James Pierce, He Also Defends Area 51 From A On Going Group Of Heartlesses Which He Has No Problem Dealing With Them. His Handsome Look Is Only For Private Girls Only. KG Outside However, Is Horny And Sexy With Girls.

His Relations With Wendy Marvell And Aoko Aozaki Are Ongoing Perfect With Them. KG Is The Assistant Captain Of The Galactic Federation Platoon, Sending Out His Men And The Leader Adam Malkovich In Battle, KG Protects Himself And Sends Out The Men Only To Do His Dirty Work. He Is A Sentry Turret Expert As Well, Which Means There's No Use For His Gun. Setting Up Sentries On The Foreground, KG Protects Both His Platoon And Himself Of Course. And After A Battle Well Done, He Usually Drinks Natural Spring Water And Clam Bake For Both Breakfast And Lunch. SPOILER ALERT: KG's Weapon Is Not A Physical Assassin Killing, Monster Banishing, Or Outlaw Dealing Gun. In Fact, It Is A Medical Charging Weapon That Heals The Injured Galactic Federation Inhabiter And Heals Them With A Aloe Scented Medicine Beam. Once It Heals A Effective Ammount Of Soldiers, It Can Now Be Changed As A Ubercharger Weapon, Which Empowers The Galactic Federation Team Members With Powerful Charge To Double Their Power, It Also Can Aid Them In The Hardest Of Battles Once It Gets Too Rough. KG Cares About Every Member On The Platoon In Order For Them To Stay Healthy, He's Considered To Be A Physician And A Girl Lover To Be Arround With. So As Samus Aran, It's Possible To Date KG On Certain Occasions. *This Is Also A Spoiler* But A Tomboy Can't Be Dated. Usually KG Hangs Arround With Samus. But With His Money And Relations With His Luxuries, Samus Knew KG Than Anybody Else In The World.

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