The Joshomon Singah Keldon Is A Slow-Working And Decently Used Bankai Weapon That Is NOT Used Among Roman Heroes, The Only Thing That It's Good For Is That It's Good For Knocking Out Small Parasites & Critters. It Possess Great Powers And Highly Blaring Through The Entire Corners Of City 22 By Bearing The Powers Of Rock & Earth.

Phazon Pete Does Not Use This Bankai As Much, Unlike The Dual Wield Phazon Pete. Phazon Pete Dislikes This Element Type And Is Hard Getting Used To After A Few Tries Of Using It. It Is Because For Some Ridiculous Reason That His Father Provided Him With Such A Whimpy Weapon That Only Sends Critters And Pests Airbourne. With A Majority From His Antibody, He Has No Problem Using Either This Bankai Or The Minalada. Being A Obsence, This Bankai Also Can Generate Earth Rocks From The Heavens And Rains From The Skies And Causes Destruction. With A Decent Attack Rate, A Concentrated Defense Rate, And A Desended Critical Rate, This Bankai Ended Up On's Top Ten Worst Weapons.

When It's True Form Is Reavealed, It Is A Giant Humanoid Golem With Buzz-Lightyear Style Wings And Made Entirely Out Of Rock, (As Told By Joshomon Singah Himself.) You Can Realize That This Is The Antibody Form Of The Bankai. It Also Fights Phazon Pete In Battle. With Given Advice From Deuce-X, Phazon Pete Was Able To Defeat The Anti-Bankai Bodies. And In Conclusion, The Joshomon Singah Is Not A Necessary Weapon To Use, It's Pretty Decent And Average To Use, This Bankai Will Have To Be Majorly Upgraded In Order To Use It Properly And Increases It's Stats, Attack Power, Strength, Defense, And Critical Hit Chances. Then, At LV. 100, It Should Be The Same Power As A Golden Roman Axe And The Dual Wield Phazon Pete Which Holds Both The Tensa Minalada And The Joshomon Singah Keldon Axe. With The Exception Of Both Weapons Being At A Combined Total Of LV. 200.

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