Joshomon Singah Is The God Of The Blue Phazon, And Is the Most Powerful And Common Sources Of Them All. Joshomon Is The 2nd Half That Makes Up Phazon Pete's Antibody, In Order For Him To Learn Discipline. Joshomon Singah Is The Husband Of His Married Wife, Almiaon Minalada, Which Both Share Their Similarities Togehter. Joshomon Was Also In-Charge Of The Roman Empire Army And Is 1st In Command As A General. In Common, Joshomon Is A Silver Tongued Person That Treats Phazon Pete Like A Neutral. As The Father, Joshomon Cares About Phazon Pete And Controlls His Mind, Through A 3rd Person. He Has The Ability To Make Memories And Static Illusions At Will, Proving His Worth.

Joshomon Is Married To The Only Female Phazon God That Doesn't Fight Fair Due To Her Bankai, His Bankai, The Joshomon Singah Keldon, Has A Slow Attack Speed, Because Of This, This Bankai Is Completely Useless Against Larger Targets, But It Can Send Smaller Enemies Flying In The Sky. This Also Has A Lower Defense Rating, Due To The Fact It's Shaped Like A Circular Sprinkler With A Pentagram?? With 2 Small Sharp Hinges As Well?? This Bankai Has Earth Element Based Power Due To The Fact That It Lacks In Melee Combat, It's Only Specialized In Magic And Kido Spell Combat From Certain Distances. Voted This Bankai As The 19# Worst Powerful Weapon In History. Due To The Fact It's Worthless Against Phazon Pete's Antibody. And Phazon Pete Barely Uses This Bankai, And It Doesn't Mean He Hates His Father, It Means Courage Is Within His Heart, And Being The Strongest Is One Of Them All.

After Phazon Pete Consumed A Disease, Singah Beacame Pale And Very Sick. Almiaon Looked After Him, And Helping Him With Everything She's Got, And After 70 Days, When Phazon Pete Fainted And Was Unconsious. It Seems That Phazon Pete Was Fighting The Purple Bomber Gang, And After A Little Hope In Him, He Used His Mother & Father's Bankai And Combined Them Together To Make Ultra Phazon Pete, (Dual Wield Phazon Pete), It Seems The 2 Power Of The Bankais Unleashed His True Power And Defeated The Purple Bomber Gang. After Fending Them Off, Phazon Pete Was Escorted To His House To Hang Himself, And In Hopes To Become More Powerful And Dawns A New Demon Mask. Joshomon Died Along With Phazon Pete And Then Finally Ressurected A 225th Chance. Phazon Pete Will Never Forget The Day Fighting Alongside With His War General In The Roman Days. Due To The Fact That Joshomon And Phazon Pete Are Equaly Rivaled. And Joshomon Is Linked To Phazon Pete's Mind And The Entire Body System Of Phazon Pete.

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