John F. Kennedy Black Ops

John F. Kennedy, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops,His Callsign Is Lancer

John Fitzg

rald Kennedy (born May 29, 1917) (died November 22, 1963). Is The 35th President That Died In A Assassination. In The Black Ops Series However, He Rules An Entire Government. However, He's One Of The Best Department Of Defense People That Ran An Entire Renagade Of Bodyguards And FBI Agents Through The Vincity.

Alex Mason, The Killer In Black Ops, He Was Forced To Kill Kennedy via An Illusion Ritual Known As Kassamomiaciantion Disease. This Disease, Allowed Mason Of His On Control, Forcing Some Of His Friends, Frank Woods, And Viktor Reznov However, To Lose Full Trust Of Him. His Word Cannot Be Ceased, And He Got Away Of Killing Kennedy. Derrick Sanderson However, He Promised Kennedy To Get Rid Of The Monster Menace By Destroying Kurt Zisa. And He Succeeded. But The Black Druid Gang, Along With Leader Sosuke Aizen, To Kill Kennedy In The Speakonia Version Of Black Ops, Keep In Mind, That DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Has More Characters Than Black Ops. And Black Ops Only Focuses On The Storyline Itself. Kennedy Was Never Spoken Again By Machinima History Speakers Again.

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