Jill Valentine, As Seen In Video Game Zombies, She Bears Resemblance To Samus Aran,Since Samus Aran Died On Video Game Zombies Season 1 Episode 3 Part 3 Of 4,Jill Valentine Will Take Samus's Place As The New Female Host,DigitalPh33rson Replaced Samus With Jill As The New Female Host,Better Known As A Hostess Since Samus Died From The Solanum Virus On Season 1 Episode 3 Part 3 Of 4,Which The Solanum Virus Will Later Mutate Into The T-Virus From The Resident Evil Series In Season 2 Of Video Game Zombies,And The Glowing Eyes Are Gone,And Zombies Are More Undead And They Have Pale Skin Now, Jill Is A Tomboy, Due To The Fact That She Use To Be Apolloian Dempsey In Her Past Life

Jill Valentine Is A Character From The Resident Evil Series, Right Now, No Background Story Has Been Provided For This Character, She Will Appear In A Future Script Somewhere In June. Jill Valentine Is One Of STARS Racoon Police Unit With Alongside Chris Redfield Until Sheva Replaced Jill In Resident Evil 5.

Jill Valentine Will Appear Later In Video Game Black Ops Part 2. With Only A Few Rare Weapon Appearances, Jill Valentine Is Good With Fire Arms. Especially When You Face One Of The Toughest Assassins In Part 2.

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