Jetbug, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops 2, He Is Also Known As The "Nimwitted Caveman" In His Past.

Jetbug Is One Of The Last Of The 3 Assassins in Video Game Black Ops 3, Following Him From His Fast Agility, To His Formidible Chances Against President Robert Mara. Jetbug Is A Bishop And Follower To The Team Leader Known As The Fire Lord. Jet Bug Hitches A Ride With Any Character, And He Didn't With Fight Against Jill Valentine, Jill Valentine Won That Fight Against Jet Bug. Though, It Wasn't His Last Match.

Jetbug's Ability Is (?????), Because It's So Hard To Say, Even In Speakonia, I Ever Doubt You Could Say it Too. Jet Bug Continues To Follow Nitroblast, And The Firelord For Awakening The Powerful Golden Greek Goddess, Athena Of The Royal Mirage. Jetbug doesn't Give No Chance That He'll Ever Give Up His Vow To Win!!

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