Jeffrey Richtofen

Jeffrey Richtofen Is Edward's Main Brother And A Shadowstep To Him, He Uses This Picture For All 3 Series.

Jeffrey Richtofen Is A Brother To Doctor Edward Richtofen, And Cares About Them, He Currently Lives In The Shi Numa Residence In The Komazzon Region, Which Is Currently Far Away From Seattle Washington, DigitalPh33rson's New Headquarters. Little That He Does Know The Location Of The Headquarters, And He Doesn't Know The Way To Seattle. Therefore, With The Rojas Brothers, Jeffrey Invented A Warp Potion To Get To Seattle Washington Incredibly Quickly, As Well Bringing The Shi Numa Team With Him, They Offered A Visit To DigitalPh33rsons New Headquarters, And Gave Him A Infinite Supply Of Warp Potions To Go Back To The Kommazon Region, And Go To The Shi Numa Residence, As Seen In A Refrence Episode In Season 2 Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, Jeffrey Richtofen Appeared In The New Year's Special Along With The Nintendo Characters

Jeffrey Richtofen Also Appeared In Video Game Black Ops Speakonia Machinima Series, In The Beggining, Along With Derrick Sanderson, Watching Edward Richtofen Suffer From A Fatal Heart And Cardiac Virus. Alongside With Derrick It Was Jeffrey's Job To Keep Watch & Care Of His Brother's Shadow, Apart From Being That, Jeffrey Took A Seperate Route To Canada To Find A Heart Virus Antidote With Derrick Sanderson Being In Parts Of Spain, The Umbrella Labs, And Africa To Get The Antidote For Edward. Apparently, Jeffrey Was Lucky To Find The Antidote For Richtofen, And Because Of Beating Derrick, It Was Also Fair That Jeffrey Is Edward's Brother And Keeps Extreme Care Of Him. For Matters Of Reasons, Jeffrey Still Doesn't Offend Derrick Or Any Of DigitalPh33rson's Main Character Who Beat Them First, It's Because Brothers Are Super Protective To Them.