James Pierce

James Pierce, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops

James Pierce Is One Of The Galactic Federation Soldiers Working With Samus Aran, Anthony Higgs,

And Lyle Smithsonian. Unlike Anthony Higgs, He Doesn't Hang Arround With Samus Or Nemu. In Fact He Doesn't Say The "Princess" Word. Luckily, He's A Straight Forward Kind Of Person. He's In The Galactic Federation Platoon With His Friends. A Lot Has Known About James Pierce, And He Respects Samus As Her Born Nature As A Tomboy.

James Pierce Is Helping Out Samus To Break The Fetish Virus Growing Inside Samus In Order To Her Life. He'll Need All The Help He Can Get. In Future Refrences, James Pierce Is A Excellent Fighter. Both With Fists And Firearms/Weapons.

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