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Jake Johnson, As Seen In Der Ecthe Gangsta, You Can Tell That He's Eating Donuts From Tim Hortons.

Jake "Ayasegawa" Johnson, Or Jake For Short, Is A Friend Of The Angry German Kid (AKA: Der Ecthe Gangsta) In The Youtube Comedy Category, Sometimes Jake Is Considered To Wield Guns Arround Him All The Time, Because Of This: He Was Once A Former Limo Driver For The German Bride, And Also Was A Former Bounty Hunter, Was Later Then Reassigned From His Job. Despite Him Being 3 Years Younger Than Leopold, At Age 13 Jake Is The Youngest Bounty Hunter Who Ever Lived For His Time. Later, He Then Joined Leopold On His Adventures To Claim German Bounty Territories From Kids Arround The Country. Jake Fought And Fought With Leopold, And Then Was Successful At His New Job.

After A Few Years Passed, Jake Fought The Fake Leopold (The One With The Afro) Was Also Some Guy's Invention To Destroy Every Computer In The World, Then Helping Another Friend Of His, Renji Abarai Was His Partner And Friend. Later Destroyed Everything. 10 Years After The Fake Leopold, Leopold Slikk's Uncle, Leopard Slikk, Was Out For Leopold And Jake, Despite The Fact That Jake Was Too Much, Jake Killed Leopard Slikk And Then Succeded, After Those Years, The Der Echte Gangsta Wars Were Over.

40 Years After The War, Jake Was Assigned & Drafted To The Award Winning Machinima, DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, As Well As Some Others Like: Video Game Zombies, Video Game Black Ops, And Metroid Prime Rennasannce. Jake Was Given A Middle Name, Ayasegawa, And Was Then Given A Last Name Called Johnson. The Full Name Is: Jake Ayasegawa Johnson. After Despiting The Fact That Jake Was Proud, He Was Then Involved In Machinima Racing, UFC Fights, Arwing Pilot, And Finally Foot Fetishes, Foot Festishes Were His Favorite Because Leopold's Computer Room Has A Fetish Feel To It, Despite The Fact Like Trolls Like To Have Sex With Inanimate Objects, And Like Father Like Son, Jake Was Very Good With Fetishes And Him And Leopold Were Back Together Again, Along With Shadow, Silver, And Olette. Jake Is The Best In The World That He Likes The Most, Despite The Fact That Jake Is Good Respectful Person And Also Aides DigitalPh33rson/Shadow/Derrick/Ryan Miller For Some Good Tips And Helps Him With Other Stuff.

2012's ChangesEdit

Jake Johnson's Real Name, According To RobertChamp's Latest Video, Angry German Kid Fights The Aliens, Jake's Real Name Is Jake "Pete" Randolf, Not People Have Known About This, But, If You Are Reading This Heading, And In Future Series, Jake Johnson Will No Longer Will Be Used As A Name, Jake Randolf Will Be Used From Now On. Just Like A Refrence Of Changing Soi Fon's Name To Sui Feng.

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