Jackkrauser 2

Jack Krauser, As Seen In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures And Video Game Zombies,He's A US SOCOM Soldier,He Was In The Pentagon In The 9/11 Special,He Bears Some Resemblance To Tank Dempsey

Jack Krauser Is A Character From The Resident Evil Series. His Younger Brother, Pete Krauser, Only Appears In The Naruto Shippuden RPG DS Series, Naruto Shippuden's Inside Story, Night Of The Quinken, And Naruto Shippuden 2.0 However, Jack Krauser Doesn't Have A Background Story, Like Jill Valentine. He Will Also Have A Future Script The Same Month As Jill Valentine. Leon Kennedy Has Defeated Jack Krauser, And Later On In Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles, He Works Alongside Krauser To Complete Their Mission/

Jack Krauser Appears In A Late Speakonia Machinima Series Called: Metroid Prime: Record Of A Crusade, Unlike Any Other Character, Jack Deserves A Late Year Appearance, So He's Very Rare To Speak. He Also Appears In Video Game Black Ops Parts 1 & 2. He Also Appears In 9/11 Special As Well As The World War 3 Remake.

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