Jack Is The Ressurected Form Of DigitalPh33rson, Ryan Miller, And Derrick Sanderson. He Appears In Season 3 Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventure Which Started Up The Mortal Kombat Era, As The Deadly Alliance Took Souls Of The Evil Youtuber Hating Alliance And The Machinima Citizens To The Soulnado, Zombie Tohru Honda Sent Word To The 2 Underlings: Shang Tsung And Quan Chi. When They Noticed That DigitalPh33rson Was Still Alive, He Was Ressurected As The Thunder God Jack Raiden, As Raiden's Relative, It Was Jack's Job To Take Raiden's Place Right After His Death In The 9/11 Special In Heaven. Jack Fought Many Threats, Including Zombies, Robots, And Onaga's Mummified Army. Jack Has Creamy White Blood Instead Of Juicey Warm Red, Proving That Gods Don't Bleed To Death, His Brother Robert Fujin Was Responsible For Sending Word To Jack, But He Took Delay. And Robert Fujin Was Dead.

Jack Raiden Has One Goal, And That Was To Stop The Deadly Alliance And Defeat The Dragon King Onaga And His Mummified Army. Jack Raiden Will Stop At Nothing For His Goal. And To Become Better Than Young Snake (Big Boss). And In The Later Season Of DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, DigitalPh33rson Will Become Snake Once Again, But With A Very Old Age Like In Metal Gear Solid 4.

Physical StatisticsEdit

Player Name: Jack Raiden

Starting Level: LV. 5

HP (At Start): 157

DEF: 506

ATK 650


1. Lightning Bolt (Standard Attack)

2. Thunderbolt Boom (Strong Impact Attack)

3. Light Flash (Lowers The Enemy's Accuracy)

4. Finishing Move (If Prompted)

Fatalities Include: Electrocution Explosion, 60 Combo Brutality, Shocking Barrage, And Thunder Beam.

Ending Level: LV. 10

HP (At End): 990