Izumi Curtis Is The Woman Who Is Behind Pulling Almiaon Minalada's Strings, Setting For A Course For Lasseration. She Also Finds Her Self Working For The 3 Assassins Of Fire, Giving Out Every Command, Izumi Will Show No Mercy Of Herself Whatsoever. She Also Tends To Tell Joshomon Singah That The Real Almiaon Minalada Has Been Captured And Trapped In A Nova-7 Based Fetish Torture Dungeon, Where She Will End Up Like Silver, Jake, AGK, And Shadow The Hedgehog.

Izumi Curtis Is Also Forced To Work For Azula's Father Known As Ghetsis Or "The President" For Short. Izumi Curtis Also Works On The Fighting Show Which Is Similar To The UFC, Is Known As "The Vocaloid Fighters" Izumi Curtis Is Azula's Older Sister. We Also Known That Izumi Wants A Machinima Of Her Own, But That's Not Rumored Yet.

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