A Speakonia Machinima Is Basicly Made Of 5 Main Structures: Storyline, Characters, Scripts, Sounds, And Credits. This Excludes Movie-Making Skills, And A (TTS) Text-To-Speech Program, Speakonia, Cepstral, AT&T Natural Voices, As Well As Many Other TTS Programs. You'll Need A MSVVP (Microsoft Voices Voice Program), Which Contains The 3 Siblings: Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, And Microsoft Mary. If You're Planning To Have A Gifted Character Like Azelf, Your Reccomendation Is Microsoft Sam For The Gifted One. If You're The Main Character In The Series, The Voice For You Would Be Microsoft Mike, And Finally, If You're Putting A Female Host/Tomboy, The Reccomendation Would Be Microsoft Mary Or Anna (Vista Only).

Now, If You're In The Skills Of Making A 15 Minute Machinima Or An 8 To 9 Minute Video, You'll Have To Make Your Speakonia Voice Clips Extra Long, Because If You're Gonna Make It That Long, Provide Some Extra Replies From The Client From The Main Character Of The Series. To Make Your Characters Even Better, You Don't Even Have To Draw Them, But, If You Want To, Just Like Weapon X, Make Your Own Drawn Character From Scratch, (Don't Steal Others's Work.) And Even On My Channel, If You Even Steal, You'll Be Reported To The Youtube Staff.

After Your Done Making Your Machinima, You'll Need A Place To Upload It, Such As A Video Sharing Website:,, Or Any Other Site That Is Not Suitable For Violent Videos. Restrictions Are:,,, Or Any Site That Has Third Party Managed To It. (Trust Me, You Don't Want To Deal With Third Party Crap.)

A True Speakonia Machinima Such As DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, (Derrick's Life Refrenced To The AT&T Natural Voices), Should Be Posted On Or To Tell You The Truth, I Didn't Get A Chance To Upload Any Episodes From DigitalPh33rsons Adventures To, Because Of The Awful Amount Of Work I Have To Do.

As A Result, Your Machinima Has To Have The Following:

  • A Set Of Characters (It Could Be Anyone, Anime Characters, Video Game Characters, Your Own Characters That You Drew, etc.)
  • Video Editing Software (Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas (Reccomended For Some People), And Power Director™)
  • A Main Storyline, Complete With Episodes & Seasons. Recommended No Of Episodes: 10 or 15 (For Some Seasons).
  • Text-To-Speech Voices And Sound Effects (These 2 Things Make Your Machinima Come Alive, Heck, You Can Put Your Own Voice In Your Machinima As Well. (I Plan To Do That Somewhere Arround Season 5.)
  • Additional Scenes, Boss Battles, RPG Fights, And Good, Crisp, Cutscenes. (If You Plan To Make A Very Exoctic Special.)

For Refrences:

DigitalPh33rsons Adventures: Meisters For A Kid!

DigitalPh33rsons Adventures: Goodbye Old Friends! (Thanksgiving Special)

DigitalPh33rsons Adventures: World War III Special

DigitalPh33rsons Adventures: StarwolfNotMugen's Birthday (Birthday Special)

Video Game Zombies Episode 1: Eric Cartman

Video Game Zombies 2

All These Refrences Can Be Found On

If You're Planning To Making A Speakonia Machinima, These Refrences Will Help You, With The Following Requirements That You Will Need To Follow. A Part 3 Speakonia Machinima Making Tutorial Will Be Posted On Youtube Very Very Soon In A Couple Of Months Or So, (As Long I'm Not Busy.)