The Pentagram, Including The Devil's Skeleton On It, This The Flag For Hell.

Hell Is Used In Every Single Series And Is Said To Millions In The DigitalPh33rsons Adventures Universe And Real Life, Hell Is Where Bad People Go, Like: Villians, Monsters, Demons And Many Other Bad Things That Can't Be Arsed To Name. Hell Is Owned To Lucifer, The King Of Hell, And Also Owned To WWE's Kane, Who Had A Reassembled Voice To Phazon Pete (Via Inner Antibody). It Has 5 Main Sins: Ice, Wind, Fire, Water, And Nuclear Grass. It Has 2 Huge Demon Guardians, Reshiram And Zekrom. The 2 Guardians Will Kill Anybody In Sight, Most Think This Is A Joke, Because To Rotom Sins And The Dragon Guardians Are A Part Of The Mythology Of Machinima And Real Life, God Said That Everybody Will Die In Heaven, But That's A Lie, Some Bad People Will Go To Hell, And Good People Will Go To Heaven. Both "The Devil's Favored Demon" And "God's Humble Servant" Fight WWE With The Holy Nation, With Pride And Honor. But They Have To Pass Various Obstacles To Get To Their Objectives.

In DigitalPh33rsons Adventures, The Bad Guys: Sgt. Reznov, Cornellia Makio (Weapon-X), Zoroark, Grimjow Jagerjaques, Ulquiorra Cifer, And Many Other DigitalPh33rsons Villians Go Here After Being Defeated By DigitalPh33rson's Holy Power, Because Of This, DigitalPh33rson Got $53,000,000 For Building A Airfield In The Kommazon Fields To Move To Seattle, Because The Wooden House Would Become A Firey Outcome Of Hell. A Outstanding Result Would Occur If DigitalPh33rson Would Stay In The Wooden House For 7 More Days. But He Now Moved To A More Convienent Structure Now A New Machinima HQ In Seattle. And In Hell, DigitalPh33rson Confronted Lucifer And Iblis As The Final Season Boss In Order To End The Series For Good.