The Heavy, As Seen In Team Fortress 2

The Team Fortress 2 Heavy Is Usually A Russian Fat Man, And One Of The Fattest Men, According To Homer Simpson, And Is The Slowest Of The Character Classes In Team Fortress 2, He Packs Weight Because He Has A Minigun With Him, His "Phasha" His Girl Gun. He Also Gets His Drink Called "The Heavy Gulp" In Left 4 Dead 2. And Take Down Many Classes, Scouts, Spies, Medics, And Many Others. But Heavies Need Constant Medical Attention From The Medics.

Heavies Are A Very Strong Class, Just Like The Vocaloid Fortress 2 Copy, Hatsune Miku, Playing The Role As The Heavy, Hatsune Miku Is A Average Speed, Normal Attacker, And Is Very Easy To Master. Miku Starts Out With The Whimpy Force Edge Sword, In The Later Process, You Can Get A Awesome Alastor Sword Allowing You To Seize Your Opponents! Later, Hatsune Replaces Her Wrist Rockets With A AA-12 Shotgun And Starts With A AK-47 With Scope To Zoom In Onto Your Opponents.

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