250px-Haven TrooperMGS4

A Haven Trooper,As Seen In Video Game Black Ops,DigitalPh33rsons Adventures,And Video Game Zombies.

The Original Haven Troopers Had The "Traditional" Russian Language, And They Didn't Speak English In MGS4, In The Machinima Business, DigitalPh33rson Fixed The Russian Dub Problem, And Replace Them With English. Their Voice Actor Is L&H Michelle, Just Like Soi Fon, The Haven Troopers Use Many Tones, Calm, Angry, And Sad. Unlike Soi Fon, Who Has One Tone, Which Is Omnivarient. Omnivarient Means One Of Every Emotion.

The Haven Trooper Had Millions Of Mishaps Of Foot Fetishes, Tickle Tortures, And Slight Unmaskings. The Tickle People Was Drew Pickles And Angelina Pickles/Drew Pickle's Wife. The Foot Fetishes Were In Charged By Angry German Kid Leopold Slikk And Jake Ayasegawa Johnson Himself. And The Slight Unmaskings Were From Mashiro Mito And Hatsune Miku Themselves. The Haven Troopers Do Their Very Best To Endure The Tortures, Endure The Fetishes, And The Unmaskings, It Is Rumored That They Are Human, But Some Say They Might Be A Robot.

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