Hatsune Miku, 2nd In Seat Of The Scriptmaster Government

"Very Empressive" - StarwolfNotMugen

Hatsune Miku Is One Of Mashiro's Apprentices, Apart From Adob, Hatsune Miku Is One Of The Most Feared Scriptmasters And Is Immune And Ususally Sets Traps Before Her Prey Gets Her A Timely Visit!! She At Her Very Strongest, And Mostly She Is One With The Sword, Her Alter Ego, Sparva, Who Was The Legendary Dark Knight Before Her, Was Later Then Deceased.

Hatsune Miku Usually Bears A Wrist Rocket In Her Aresenal, And Her Melee Weapon Is The Alastor, Which Has Lightning Energy Etched To It, Ususally She Gives A 9-Volt To Another Girl's Chest, But That's The Rumor. In Battle, Hatsune Miku Uses Her Alastor To Defeat Her Foes Quickly, And Later Conceals Them In An Electric Chair For Questioning, Fighting For The Prey's Life, Miku Won't Let Her Target Get Away When She Uses Her Wrist Rocket. Hatsune Miku Is A Direct Clone Of The Team Fortress 2 Heavy, Which Has The Same Personality As Her.

Hatsune Miku Will Not Give Up, No Matter How Hard Her Fight Is, She Will Seize Her Opponents, "Six Feet Under."

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