Yowane haku 3

Haku Yowane, As Seen In Vocaloid Fortress 2

Haku Yowane Is One Of The Ritualer Vocaloids Whose Carries A M240 Machine Arround With Her, She Doesn't Uses Her Machine Gun In Every Situation, But She Uses Her Bonk Drink And Her Black Master Sword, The Arbitrator Sword, Which Has A Black Handle Instead Of Royal Blue.

Haku Yowane Can Also Upgrade Her Drink, Sword, And Her Personal Machine Gun, She Can Also Unlock A Ammo Extension That Her Machine Gun Can Hold Of Up To 900 Units Of Ammo!! Her Sub Weapon Is A Mas Grenade In The Pal Version Of Vocaloid Fortress 2, But That Was Replaced With A Wrist Rocket, Usually It Was, But Was A Original Mis-Use Of The Weapon After Being Contaminated Into Miku's Aresenal.

Speaking Of Miku, Haku Dislikes Miku Honorly With Pride Saying Like "Greeny Greeny Green Green!!" Or "I Am Owning You, You Green Pigtail Bastard!!" And Her Most Annoying Phrase: "Need A Dispenser Here!!" Which Can Be Built By Uryu Ishida.

Machinima Sports (Vs. Undertaker) OnlyEdit

Haku Appears In A Authentic Free Roaming Sports Locker Area Or A Catering Area, Haku First Starts Her Match Against Samus Aran, Which Should Be Easy To Defeat, Despite Her Technical Abilites, Haku Is A Very Clever And Smart Character To Have, She's Very Easy To Master, And She's The Strongest Characters In The Tier. Despite The Title. When You Get To Battle Against Undertaker In Wrestlemania, You Have To Upgrade Her Until You Are Strong Enough To Take On Her. At Level 1, She Has 560 HP At Level 5, She Has 960 HP And At Level 20, She Has 1785 HP. She's The Best Character That Can Take A Beating With Mostly Everything. And As Her Special Moves, Her M240 Can Sizzle Opponents To The Limit, Her Arbitrator Sword Should Make A Great Advantage To Every Opponent, (Including The Undertaker.) And Her Energy Caffine Drinks Increase Her Speed While Affecting The Battle And The Free Roam Mode. Haku Will Stop At Nothing, To Break The Undertaker's Streak.

Haku's Drink Flavors:

Regular Bonk "Punch" Energy


Venom Powered Girl

Static Glitch Cola

Hidden Power Cola

Power Plus Cola (Rage Mode)

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