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Quick, Agile, And Error-Less. These Enemies Appear Out Of The Most Noticeable Areas In The Machinima Universe, Despite The Fact That There's To Be A Million Of These Enemies In The World. The Projectiles Will Recoil You, AKA: Flinching, With This Sympton, You Are Unable To Attack For One Turn. Which Makes These Enemies More Annoying, Than The Originals. Byfar The Most Easiest To Kill However.

Target Name: Grey Caprice

HP: 159 (Nettherealm), 102 (Deadly Alliance HQ), 201 (Soul Outpass), 192 (Khe Snnah). HP Varies.

ATK: 150

DEF: 50

Spiritual Energy: 20.0 (-470.5%)


1. Error Channeling

2. Unable To Display Name (Flinches You)

3. Mild Tackle Attack

Notes: Most Easy To Kill, Poses A Very Less Dangerous Threat, Bears Attacks With The Most Physical Contact. Has Low Defense And Spiritual Energy Levels.

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