The gogoplata is executed from a guard, commonly from a "rubber guard", where the legs are held very high against the opponent's upper back. The fighter then slips one foot in front of the opponent's head and under his chin, locks his hands behind the opponent's head, and chokes the opponent by pressing his shin or instep against the opponent's trachea. A variation called a Locoplata is when the bottom man uses his free foot to push up on the choking foot and increase pressure.

Shinya Aoki is notable as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who performed both the first successful gogoplata in MMA[1] (on Joachim Hansen at PRIDE Shockwave 2006) and the first successful mounted gogoplata (on Katsuhiko Nagata at DREAM.4), done from the top mount. Former UFC Heavyweight fighter Brad Imes calls himself "Mr. Gogoplata", after winning two matches in a row with the maneuver. Nick Diaz defeated Takanori Gomi using the gogoplata at Pride 33, only to have the victory turned to a NC due to positive test for marijuana in the post-fight drug screen.

In the Machinima, Brock Lesnar Defeated One Of Baraggon's Men With This Submission, Rampage Jackson Is Soon to Learn this Submission After The Fight With Cain And Lesnar Is Over. Rampage Learns How To Do This Move With The Help Of His Mentor. And With A Little Practice, Rampage Jackson Learned This. As A Rumor, A Person From The Soul Society Learned This Move Already.

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