Gfed trooper

Glactic Federation Troopers Fight Bravely for the Territory against Villian Affilrations.

Formerly Known as "The Glactic Rebel Team" They are known for being on a series Known As Metroid, As Soon That Samus Met DigitalPh33rson, She Didn't Appear until Episode One, The Commanders: Castor Dane Treated Samus Like She wasn't Her Anymore, And Adam Malkovich Settled The Fight With Castor Dane, Ending his Menace. The Glactic Federation Started to fight Bravely for their Territory, They have a growing roster that is still growing today, Then Later, A Being Known As Ryan Miller Started his Campaign From Scratch. He Then Met Qasim Masoum, Jeffrey Richtofen, PrivateMugen, Aryton Rojas, Armando Rojas, And Then Ryan Will be Encountering more Throughout the Series. Later, the Glactic Federation Will Start Their Raid with Samus To Later Become Dark Samus Arround Season 4. Unlike The Halloween Special, The Glactic Federation have Bases Arround the Equater and the entire Countries amd States. These Include: Alaska, Canada, Ohio, Delaware, Nevada, Seattle, Vancouver, North Carolina, South Carolina, Iowa, New York, And New Hampsire. The Labratories And Weapon Facilities are in: Africa, Mongolia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, United Kingdom, Turkey, And Scottland. They Continue their Conquering throughout the Globe. Until they Find New Cadets, They Will Continue on. However,The Galactic Union Would Not Allow This To Happen,They Took Control Of Planet Earth And All The Universes,Except The Metroid Universe.The Galactic Federation Was Defeated On July 4th 2189.It Was Dissovled On June 25th 2994.The Galactic Union Took And Came To Power In Daiban.