Giygas-X Has Transformed Into His 3rd Form, This Time, His Weapon Is 4 Rattling Gun (Quad Chainguns), Notice He Has Good Aim, Taking On A Single Target With A Single Shot And Mashiro Mito Comes To The Scene And Watches DigitalPh33rson Trying To Run For His Life As He Trys To Avoid Being Slaughtered. Giygas-X Will Try And Not Stop Firing The Rattling Guns Of His, The Best Way To Avoid These Weapons Is to Keep Running An Don't Get Hit Even Once. Giygas-X Will Try To Heal Himself With The Barrier He Has, Your Chance Still Has An Advantage Is To Punch Him Like Before. Keep Repeating This Method Until He Loses All 4 Chainguns Attached To His 2 Of His Arms And Legs. Giygas-X Will Then Retire. The Main Theme Is The Xenmas Battle In G-Major, Making It More Authentic And More Acoustic. The Scenary Is The North Carolina Beach, You Can Also See Mashiro The Scriptmaster Booing At You, As She's Barefoot While She's Watching You.

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