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Deuce-X After Being Synthesized By The Espada Toxin After Gin Ichimaru & Kaname Tosen Have Turned Deuce-X Into A More Enforced Form, Giygas-X, Who Bears A GN-9 Missile Launcher, Is Still After DigitalPh33rson. Willing A Bond Of Revenge, Giygas-X Also Wants To Play His Act. After The Battle With Deuce-X, The Scenery Changes, It's Not Inniswood Anymore, It's Cherrington Elementary!! Gin Deploys The Missile Proof Mirriors In Order For DigitalPh33rson To Do Some Damage, Giygas-X Doesn't Have His Pearl Dagger Anymore, And Therefore The Court 14 Captains Placed The Device Right At Cherrington Like At Inniswood, Giygas-X Will Deploy Some Missiles And Fire At DigitalPh33rson, Your Chance To Hide Behind The 4 Mirriors And Reflect Just By Hiding. After A Mirrior Breaks, He Will Deploy A Nuclear Missile That Will Soon Put Your Lights Out, If You're Not Fast Enough. The Nuke Missile Will Get Bigger Everytime Giygas-X Gets Hit Every Time, When His Health Is Above Near 20% He'll Assemble A Barrier And Heal Himself, Your Advantage Is To Hurt Him With Physical Attacks. After The Screen Flashes, You've Won The Battle.

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