Ghor is a cybernetic Bounty Hunter, capable of merging his body with a large armorsuit. He appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption and is voiced by Edwin Neal.

Ghor is a veteran of the liberation war of Wotan VII. During the war, Ghor was heavily injured and was forced to modify much of his body with state-of-the-art cybernetic replacements. As a result, only 6% of his original body remains. However, Ghor retains his personality and is known for his empathy, compassion, and sense of humor. Gentle and intelligent, he helps the weak, poor, and troubled by working as a Bounty Hunter for free or giving bounty money he earned to the victims of his targets.[1]

Ghor also has a large armorsuit which doubles as a gunship and provides him with strong armaments, making him formidable in combat. Merging with his suit causes his personality to shift dramatically, making him aggressive and violent. Ghor works very well with anything mechanical, so he is often hired for missions requiring computer infiltration or manipulation.

Without his armour, however, he appears to be fairly weak; Samus is easily able to fend him off with a few shots when he confronts her in the chamber beneath Skytown's Aurora Unit. This is further reinforced by his lore that states he is "not the most skilled of fighters."

In The Machinima, He Also Appears In Both DigitalPh33rsons Adventures And Video Game Black Ops In The Afterseason, Derrick Meets Ghor Into His Senses Without Leaving Any Of His Fears About Samus Aran, And With Those Fears, There Is A Way That Can Be Worth Of Something. And He Is A Strong Opponent. Despite His Appearance, He Looks Like A ???. Some Say That He Looks Like Sylux Most Of The Time. And For That Sake, Ghor Earned His Rights To Be In The Machinima Universe. As A Bounty Hunter, Ghor Is A Man With No Promises And Is Skilled With The Bounty Hunter Organization.

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