The President Is Known As Being One Of The Newest Machinima Villians In The Industry, Known For Being Azula's Father, Purple Haired 'Zula. Has Known For Being The Most Eviler Than Ozwell Spencer, Binyah, Eric Cartman, Barney The Dinosaur, And The 3 Fire Assassins. Ghetsis Does Not Know Derrick Or DigitalPh33rson From Anywhere, About The Time In His Younger Days He Was Being Spyed On. Using Top Government Bug-Like Cameras, DigitalPh33rson Was Spotted On His First Day At Shadow Mossess High School With Samus, Or His First Day Where He Celebrated StarwolfNotMugen's 18th Birthday, And The Time Where He Defeated Barney The Dinosaur For The Second Time.

The Reason That Ghetsis Does NOT Know DigitalPh33rson, Is Because He's Been Studying Over The Years From Time To Time, Week By Week, And Quarter By Quarter. There Is A Little SPOILER That Ghetsis Is Too Similar To Dr. Gero Because He Did The Same Thing That Gero Did. Looks Like Ghetsis And Gero Went To College Together And Shared 1 Room With Each Other. And Helped Arround With The Yard Working Leaves On The Josephium College Campus. Ghetsis Stopped Working Together With Gero And Found A Little Girl Alone In Farmyard With Her Parents Dead. Those Parents Who Died, Were Azula's Parents. Ghetsis Also Hired A Girl Named Mai Who Also Had Her Parents Dead. Ghetsis Hired Her With No Aggression. Both Azula And Mai Were Re-United With The Powerfulest Man In The World, Ghetsis "The President". With The "Take Over The World And Create A Infinite Dimmension" Manner.

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