Gandrayda, As Seen In Video Game Black Ops,DigitalPh33rsons Adventures,And Video Game Zombies

Gandrayda is a Bounty Hunter who debuted in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. She was voiced by Claire Hamilton.

Gandrayda was a Bounty Hunter from an unknown location. However, she possessed metamorphic abilities similar to the inhabitants of Jovia XII. She could assume the form and abilities of most living things, including creatures and even machines differing significantly in size. Her age was unknown, though a psychological evaluation, her predilection for pranks, and her informal speech patterns in even military settings all indictate that she was relatively young, or at least immature in comparison to the other Hunters. She viewed Bounty Hunting as a very enjoyable sport and considered the veteran hunter Samus Aran her chief rival. She intended to surpass Samus as a veteran Bounty Hunter as soon as possible. Gandrayda was a very capable combatant, but was often hired for stealth and reconnaissance missions due to her ability to mimic creatures. Lore on the Pirate Homeworld referring to her as "Mistress Gandrayda" suggests that she became a Space Pirate -- it is likely that she fell under the influence of Dark Samus after being corrupted by Phazon.

In The Machinima, Gandraya Gets Untreated By The 2 Gods And The Antibody Of Phazon Pete , Despite Her Way, She Does Not Scream When She Gets Untreated By The Gods And The Antibody, In Fact, She Is A Tomboy And Wants To Do Their Everyday Chores For 2 Weeks Before Going To The "Earthworld" In The End, The 2 Gods Of Phazon & The Antibody Let Gandrayda Go With A Warning, In The "Earthword" Gandrayda Meets Some Haven Troopers, But Some Of Them Were Unexpected To Be Some ODST's, Because They Are Partnered With The Haven Troopers, It's Not Rumored By Gandrayda That She Didn't Meet Veronica Dare Yet, That Was A Way Of Them For Respect Instead Of Bitter Rivalry. In The End, Gandraya Got Together In The Earthworld Perfectly And Without Trouble, When She Meets DigitalPh33rson, That Will Put Her Skills To The Test.

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