The Galactic Union Time Machine Prior To The Desinated Target, Castle Oblivion, Was Later A Massive Disaster, And An Another Record-Breaking Disaster According To The Machinima History Book, Began To Take Time. First, It Took Place In The Galactic Union Labs, Then A Scientist Watched The Machine, Got Bored, And Decided To Leave. While Un-Attended, The Mass Shaking From The Bottom Of The Time Machine Room Was About To Collapse, Or Was It?? It Felt There Was A Small Earthquake Going On, And A Effect Happened, While Others Managed To Leave The Labratory. The Actuall Effect Was The Earthquake Squeezing All The Buttons Jamming Them Into A Consecutive Combo. While That Was Happening, The Local Time Machine That The Galactic Union Employees That Were Working On It Was A Mass Tremor And Everything Started To Go Distortial, And That Caused A Consecutive Time Wave, Which Killed 30,000 Galactic Union Scientists.

Meanwhile In Castle Oblivion, The Magical Metamorphasis Was About To Come, And Everybody Worked On Their Normal Shift. Everybody But The Boss Was Very Busy. Neru Akita And Naminé Were Talking About Future Plans For The Castle, And Naminé Continued To Listen, Everything Was Quiet, But The Rumble Of Thunder Was Coming, The Thunderbolt Hit The 14th Division Symbol Stained Glass Window And Made A Passage Through the Cervice. This Resulted In A Timewave Killing More Than 300,000,000 Inhabitants In The Castle, Everybody Except Naminé. Before The Thunderstorm Took Effect, The Player Would Explore The Castle And Talk To The Inhabitants And Get To The Meeting Room. As Naminé, The Player Would Have To Escape In The Fastest Time Ever Possible, Even If The Track Style Timer Would Go Up, The Limit Was 290"00"00, And You Had Like More Than 8 Days to Complete The Game. This Begins After The Chairman Of The Castle Dies.

At First, The Time Machine Wasn't There After You Explored. And In The Meeting Room, It Would. The Entire Timewave Also Erased DigitalPh33rson, His Gang, And StarwolfNotMugen Himself. (Happens In A Nightmare/Dream).

And In Conclusion, The Galactic Union Should've Known Better, And After The Neo Century Of 2010, The Timewave Was Gone. This Only Happened In 2009, And It Was The Oldest Events In History. As Naminé, In The Meeting Room, You Would Sit There (Which You Have No Control Over Yourself), And Listen To Neru Akita's 7 Hours Of Dialouge. And It Ended When Naminé Jumped Into The Castle's Deep Moat And Dove 700,000 Meters Under The Water. To Avoid Being Killed By The Wave. The Ending Isn't Bad, But It Could've Ended More Tragic. The Galactic Union Will Never Forgive This Complete Ruined Project Of Theirs, As In They Are Worthy They Are Paying $6700,000,000 In Damage. The Complete Rebuilding Of Castle Oblivion Will Be Done In The Darkest Year Of 2012.

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